WebSockets – C#

Recently I have done some research regarding WebSockets in C# and found two open source libraries – WebSocket4Net and SuperWebSocket.
I found they very powerful but I missed any good example of their work as a couple so I created demo which shows them in action.

Maybe someone will find it useful too:)

I’m using two open source libraries:

My demo placed on GitHub: WebSocketsDemo

Included sources contain two project with selfdescriptive names:


How to choose mobile framework which meets our expectation

I learned about this from Scott Hanselman’s presentation about Xamarin which took place on April this year.
On website there is the table which quickly allows us to check which platforms are supported by particular framework. Moreover – we get package with versions of application prepared for all platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone which allows us to learn functionalities, pros and cons and also play a little with it. This sample application is property finder nearby.
Here is the link: propertycross.com

Of course as the C# developer I was mainly interested in Xamarin.

„Rubber duck debugging” implementation in my life

According to „Rubber duck debugging rule” I have finally bought my own duck:)

My rubber duck

More about this method: